Modern Teacher Planner GIVEAWAY!

Look what was at my doorstep yesterday!
If you've ever taken a look at April's planners...then you know how excited I was!!

Yes, April is A Modern Teacher!  She offers these beautiful planners (both personal and lesson planners) for busy teachers.  Look at all these gorgeous choices!!!

 I chose the blue Sunshine Personal Planner. LOVE IT!  Just take a look at the very first page...and you know that April designed this with teachers in mind.

 Take a peek at the next few pages, perfect for teachers (like me) who are always making list and planning/reflecting!

 I love that each month as a little teacher joy.  September's teacher joy: hugs and high fives.  It makes me imagine those morning H's to come (my kiddos choose a handshake, high five, or a hug each morning)!

Then there's a place for more list--and sticky notes fit here perfectly!!

 For each month, there is a monthly spread AND a weekly one! Perfect for keeping everything organized and in one place.  Of course the first date I circled... my birthday (and I'm turning a BIG number! HA!!)

From start to finish, it's going to be a fabulous addition to my school life (and home life too!)

Want one for yourself!?
Of course you do!! 
April is letting me give a planner away to one of you!  Just enter on the Rafflecopter below...I'll choose a winner on Friday. Check out all her fabulous products HERE.
Thanks for sharing with your teacher friends who would love one too!!

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