It's Summer!

Last week was my first full week of summer-- the time when SCHOOL bags become POOL bags!!

Of course, my kiddos and I kicked it off in a great way--swimming lessons, picnic lunches, reading books in our pajamas (at ANY time of the day!).... you get the idea!!

So, this week I began to look at all the other things I want to accomplish (since I know FUN will not be a problem!). I was thrilled to have Krista's adorable weekly planners...the bright colors and fun format gave me perfect spot to jot down my ideas and plan for the week!!

I have to say, I was happy to snag her note cards with envelopes too. Summer is the time to send a friend a happy note--and who wouldn't love to receive one of these beauties?

So, first up on my list is my TpT store.  I started by printing out a copy and proceeded to scribble all over it!! I have so many plans for updates and improvements... that I figured the best way to begin was to just start brainstorming! I am really excited to get started!!

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