Week of Giving Thanks... T is for Teaching

This year, the girls and I at Blog Hoppin' are doing A Week of Thanks a little differently than in previous years. Each day is a new letter...like an acrostic! Every day (that you choose to participate) you can share with us what you are thankful for-but here's the catch; it needs to begin with that day's letter!
So today is T...tomorrow is H...you get it! Yes, it spells THANKS!

When chatting with friends about jobs... it's always fun to be one of the only ones who TRULY loves their job!  I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in kindergarten.  My teacher, Mrs. Hengeller, always made learning FUN and I was lucky enough to have her for two different years (K and 2nd).  I am truly thankful to be a teacher and enjoy watching my student SOAR!!

Be sure to link up what you're thankful for!

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