TpT is 3 MILLION Teachers Strong!!

3 MILLION teachers... isn't that incredible!? 

I feel so blessed and proud to have found TpT, as both a buyer and a seller.  Both have made such an impact on my teaching... and I will be forever grateful!  Thinking about taking that same plunge, and becoming a seller too?  Click here to find out how!

So, the big sale starts tomorrow.  I'm getting ready by updating my wish list and making sure I've provided thoughtful feedback.  I can't tell you how much feedback means... and the thoughtful ones, mean the most!   

Then you'll be ready for the sale... just be sure to use the code TPT3 to get an additional 10% off, for a total of 28% off.  The sale lasts Feb 27th - Feb 28th!  Are you having a sale too? Link up a blog post here!

Head back to Blog Hoppin' on March 1st to Show Us What You Bought!  I know I always end up with additional items in my cart/wish list after seeing everyone's purchases.  So many amazing resources on TpT!

Have fun and happy shopping!!

Super Sunday SALE!

Whether or not you're a football fan... I have a feeling you're a TpT fan!  Hop here to see my store, and all my buddies from Blog Hoppin'

My store's on sale... and this may be the perfect time to snag this 100th day pack.  I know my celebration is just around the corner!

Happy Shopping!