...And a Happy New Year!!

2014 has brought so many blessings our way....
healthy baby boy (who is now 7 months old)
start of kindergarten for my young lady
and so much more!  

I'm looking forward to all 2015 has in store!!  

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I wish you and your family continued blessings in the New Year!

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Week of Giving Thanks... N is for New Chances!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Unfortunately, I have a sore throat... so that meant staying home instead of traveling to PA for our family celebration.  (Boo!)  But, today I am thankful for New Chances-- and that means new chances to look for good in every situation.  So instead of feeling sad about the trip that wasn't, I was glad to celebrate with my new family of 4!  We made the traditional turkey, corn, and mashed potatoes.  I tried out a new sausage, apple, and cranberry stuffing recipe and helped my 5 year old bake her first pumpkin pie.  I surprised her with the pepperoni, cheese, and cracker turkey that's been floating around Pinterest and helped my 6 month old taste his first Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, potatoes, and green beans).  I have so much to be thankful for... and this Thanksgiving reminded me that there are also plenty of New Chances to make memories!!!

Be sure to link up on Blog Hoppin' what you're thankful for!

And since tomorrow just happens to be Black Friday... I have put my store on sale. Guess that means you have a new chance to save!  HA!  :)

Week of Giving Thanks... A is for A Church Family!

My husband and I are truly thankful that we have found a perfect church family.  It's amazing how truly connected you can feel when you are worshiping in the right place!  Not only that, it's a place we go on other days too--not just Sundays!! :o)  When you've found the right fit, it's a place you want to volunteer and participate in activities... and people you love to do things with (both in and out of church).

A year ago last summer, we were searching for a new church home (but hadn't really mentioned it to our daughter, who was 4 at the time).  We attended service one Sunday.  Amazingly, later that week when driving by the building... she said, "Look Mommy, there's our new church!"  We were sold!!

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Week of Giving Thanks... H is for Husband!

I consider myself thoroughly thankful that 10 years ago this past summer I married the love of my life!  He fills my days with laughter and smiles.  During those difficult times, he is my strength.  Most of all, I'm glad that he is my partner in parenting--I couldn't do it without him!

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Week of Giving Thanks... T is for Teaching

This year, the girls and I at Blog Hoppin' are doing A Week of Thanks a little differently than in previous years. Each day is a new letter...like an acrostic! Every day (that you choose to participate) you can share with us what you are thankful for-but here's the catch; it needs to begin with that day's letter!
So today is T...tomorrow is H...you get it! Yes, it spells THANKS!

When chatting with friends about jobs... it's always fun to be one of the only ones who TRULY loves their job!  I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in kindergarten.  My teacher, Mrs. Hengeller, always made learning FUN and I was lucky enough to have her for two different years (K and 2nd).  I am truly thankful to be a teacher and enjoy watching my student SOAR!!

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Find Your Pirate TREASURE (and a birthday surprise)!!

Ahoy, me Hearties!
Today is 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day'!  To celebrate, I have joined with some friends to give you the chance to find lots of pirate booty!
Each blog will have some different treasure for you to find!

I want to share with you, 3 Ways to Play: a CVC game... free for today only!!
You can find it by clicking on the image below, and downloading it from my TpT store:

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 Blimey, that is good news!

Don't forget to pillage some other bloggers buccaneer's teaching treasures!
Thanks for stopping by! 

Teacher Week: WHERE?

Many of you have been back at school for some time now.  I'm just starting to get in Back to School mode. In fact, it's going to be A LOT tougher this year since my maternity leave was exactly 6 weeks to the last day of school then we tacked on summer break.  So, I've been on break for about 14 and a half weeks so far (yes, it's going to be REALLY tough!).

My long term sub and incredible teacher assistant were AMAZING and packed up my whole room for me. Plus our custodians tried something new this year and drew maps of our rooms before emptying them to do the waxing.  Then they re-created our layout!!  Talk about incredible!  Now, it may not be EXACTLY the way it looked before, but I have never walked back in my room and felt so energized to get started--especially versus coming into a room with a pile of furniture!  HA! 

SO, as you can see, I still have a lot of work to do... to create a fun, colorful learning environment where we can build our class family.  It all begins tomorrow!!  

Don't worry, I'll share pictures of the progress... STAY TUNED!

Be sure to link up and share your classroom with us! 

Teacher Week: WHO?

It's Teacher Week!!  This is always such a fun linky since we get to learn more about each other, see incredible classroom makeovers, learn about classroom routines and organization, and so much more! I know I look forward to it each year. So without further ado.......

I'm Karen Stamp, yes, stamp.... like postage (hence the blog theme).  :o) You'd think when I got married and switched from a last name of Miraglia (pronounced Mur-All-Ya) to Stamp, it would be easier.  LOL!  But I have to laugh, since I usually do need to repeat that phrase for people when telling people our last name!!  It's like they don't believe me or something!

This summer, I celebrated 10 fabulous years of marriage with this handsome guy...
We've been laughing every day since--I mean who else would let me choose personalized kazoos for our wedding send-off!?  THIS guy, and that's just one of the reasons why I love him!

We welcomed this little guy into our family 3 months ago... and couldn't be happier with our family of 4!  It's amazing to think that my "big girl" is going to be a kindergartner in only 15 days!!  It's going to be so much fun having her right next door. :o)

Speaking of kindergarten... this year will mark my LUCKY, LUCKY 13th year of teaching, and my 9th in Kindergarten!  Seriously, how lucky am I to spend each day doing what I love!?

SO, now it's YOUR turn..... 
 Don't forget... you can link up with us each day this week!  Here's the schedule!!

Can't wait to learn more about YOU!

It's Christmas in July!!

My friends at Blog Hoppin' and I wanted to share a little holiday cheer... we're CELEBRATING Christmas in July!  Every day or two I will put a new item or theme on SALE!  I'll also be debuting some new products and new updates on products as well--there may even be a few freebies!! Be sure to check back each day so you don't miss it!  

For Day 1 and Day 2, I'm offering 20% off one of my FAVORITE celebrations... the 100th Day of School! 

Be sure to head over to Blog Hoppin' and see what my friends have on sale too!

Throwback Thursday: Kim Adsit's visit!

While everyone is gearing up for the I Teach K Conference and the TpT Conference... I will, unfortunately, have to miss it this year (REALLY hoping to go next summer!). Sadsville!  Mind you, I have 2 very important reasons to miss it this year-- my newborn son (just 7 weeks today) and my 5 year old daughter (who's gearing up to be a kindergartner this fall)!! 

So, for my Throwback Thursday post... I will reminisce about meeting one of my teaching FAVS:  
the one and only, Kim Adsit, back in Oct. 2012!  


I am beyond THRILLED to tell you that the incredible Kim Adsit visited my classroom last week!!  I saw her post about living in DC and wishing she had a place to visit... you know I was happy to help! :)  Kim just put up the sweetest blog post about our visit--I am beyond words with her kind comments!!!!

 Yes, this is THE Kim Adsit reading Chicka Chicka 1,2,3 to my kiddos!  

Kim and I had to laugh when my class kept correcting her that it was a coconut tree!  So, she showed Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to prove it was different!  TOO FUNNY!!

Thanks Kim for an AMAZING visit and I can't wait for you to come again!  


I was fortunate to meet up with Kim and Megan at Panera over my Spring Break... what fun ladies!!  Really hope our paths cross again in the future.  :) 

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Teacher Appreciation SALE!

Thank you to my friend Erica for the adorable button!

TpT is 3 MILLION Teachers Strong!!

3 MILLION teachers... isn't that incredible!? 

I feel so blessed and proud to have found TpT, as both a buyer and a seller.  Both have made such an impact on my teaching... and I will be forever grateful!  Thinking about taking that same plunge, and becoming a seller too?  Click here to find out how!

So, the big sale starts tomorrow.  I'm getting ready by updating my wish list and making sure I've provided thoughtful feedback.  I can't tell you how much feedback means... and the thoughtful ones, mean the most!   

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Head back to Blog Hoppin' on March 1st to Show Us What You Bought!  I know I always end up with additional items in my cart/wish list after seeing everyone's purchases.  So many amazing resources on TpT!

Have fun and happy shopping!!

Super Sunday SALE!

Whether or not you're a football fan... I have a feeling you're a TpT fan!  Hop here to see my store, and all my buddies from Blog Hoppin'

My store's on sale... and this may be the perfect time to snag this 100th day pack.  I know my celebration is just around the corner!

Happy Shopping!

Welcome 2014 Linky: Fitness!

Day 3 is all about Fitness!

I decided to keep my goals the same as last year (I know, super original!)...  I made progress in all of these areas, but need to keep heading in the right direction!

The second one is the one I am going to put a lot of effort into (not only does it help to save money, it's so much healthier too).  I'd LOVE to know if you have any favorite recipes or recipe sites!! Sometimes, it's so easy to get into a rut and cook the same things. But I love to cook--so I just need to do it!

Don't forget to link up at Blog Hoppin'!