Deck the Halls with a BIG SALE... fa la la la la la la la la!!

Yes, it's true... I am singing a bit--the BIG sale is coming!  It will be an amazing 2 days of deals and most sellers' stores will be on sale... including mine!!
Thank you Amy for this adorable button!!
My wishlist has been growing... be sure to check back tomorrow as my friends at Blog Hoppin' and I share our favorite purchases! 
Some time today I also have to head back to "My Purchases" to see if I have any products that still need feedback.  This is the perfect way to get free stuff--and who doesn't like free stuff!?  Plus, it really makes hearts beam when we read fabulous feedback!!! 
In fact, I figured I would share some of my favorite feedback:
 "This is fabulous!! Love all the details, like the country signs, the little passport stickers, etc. So much fun!!! Plus, you've done all the work!! All I have to do is find the time to fit it all in! A++ "
"Great activities and resources to implement them. Students will not only be motiviated by the activities, but the passport stamps they receive for completing each one! "
"LOVE these fresh ideas!! Love the 100 second challenges - just what I was looking for to spruce up my 100th day celebration :) "
"This game is great practice for our struggling to read kinders at the end of the year, and I bet it will work great for all students at the beginning and middle of the year! Thanks!"
"Loved this! It is a wonderful way to keep track of student progress/data. The kids loved it, also! They used it to keep track of their own progress. The last day of school they chose to "test" to see if they could meet one last goal rather than having recess. Wow!"
Hope you find some great deals... don't forget to check back on Monday evening to share your best buys!!

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