Five for Friday (including VA Blogger Get-Together!!)

 I'm linking up with Kacey for the last Five for Friday until August!  

It's hard to believe that school has already been out for a little over a week.  I've been enjoying lots of quality time with this little lady... especially doing her favorite thing, "PROJECTS!!"

I found 2 adorable ideas online to use for end-of-year gifts.  I loved Rachelle's idea (What the Teacher Wants) for "Thanks for Pitching in this Year!"  I added country time lemonade (my favorite!) and gave it to a few of my extra special parent helpers.

For my team, I loved the Knock, Knock joke from eighteen25 (Orange you glad it's summer!?) with the orange collection idea from Mish Mash Mom.  I had a blast perusing the aisles with my daughter looking for orange packages!!   

This FUN package arrived this week... VINYL!  I love the selection (and price!) at  They have both indoor and outdoor vinyl for the Cameo... and the silver glitter vinyl is IRON ON!!  I am looking forward to linking up for my 1st Monday Made It of the summer!!!

Have you been enjoying Ashley Hughes' CELEBRATION week!?   I know I have--her generosity is incredible!!  Don't forget to enter today's Facebook giveaway--I'm giving away 2 winner's choice prizes!  HURRY... there are only about 2 hours to go! 

Kelly and I are SO excited to announce our 2nd Annual Virginia Blogger Get-Together!  We had a blast last summer, and can't wait to do it again!!  This year we'll be celebrating Christmas in July... so you're welcome to bring a $5 gift to swap (if you wish!).  We'll be doing a "white elephant" style exchange, so bring  or make something to surprise your fellow bloggers. And, yes, we're in northern VA, so DC and MD bloggers are welcome to join us too!!   (Adorable graphics by Ashley Hughes)  Feel free to snag the image above!

Something Old and Something New!

Something Old...
I LOVE Cara's idea for a linky:  Throwback Thursday!

My throwback is from August 2011... Gearing up for Kindergarten Round-Up!  We have our dates set for this year's round-up and I was just chatting with my teammate yesterday about getting everything ready.  Do YOU do round-up in your school??  I'd love to hear about it!

Something New...  
You've probably heard that Google Reader will no longer be available July 1st.  I panicked when I first heard the news--this is the only way I ever read blogs.  But then some friends of mine told me about BlogLovin.  I made the switch and it was SUPER easy!  (186 of you wonderful followers have already made the switch!!)
  1. Just visit BlogLovin' and click the blue button to "Join BlogLovin"
  2. You can either sign up via Facebook or email
  3. Check your email and verify by clicking the link they send you
  4. Click the blue button to "Import from Google Reader" all your favorite blogs!!
I really like following my blogs through BlogLovin now... especially since you can view the ACTUAL blog page, and click newer or older to read them.  You see the post EXACTLY how the author intended--rather than being scrunched up in a little feed box!   

Button by Melissa Mazur!