It's World Down Syndrome Day... 3/21!

I'm dedicating this post to my buddy, Elliot!  

It's World Down Syndrome Day and we get to celebrate this amazing young man!!  He is the sweetest, cutest, little guy and I love him dearly... how could you not, with a smile like that!?  Elliot is my best friend Mandy's middle son, and he has kept all of us smiling and laughing since the day he was born.  He is such a blessing to us all!  

I want to share what Mandy wrote today on her Facebook page... 
Today is World Down Syndrome Day, 3.21!  Today we are celebrating Elliot and all the wonderful people we know that have been genetically enhanced with a 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome. Just over 3 and a half years ago we welcomed Elliot into our family and since then he has made us smile and at the very least chuckle every day :-) He has a BIG personality which seems only bigger since it comes in such a small, yet perfectly made package. He has a grand imagination, is extremely animated, and has wonderful comedic timing... I just know he is destined for big things!

Proud is an understatement of how I feel to be his mommy. I am so lucky and very blessed to get to experience parenthood a little bit differently than most. I get to celebrate those little triumphs more than others, I shed a few more tears at times, but I get so many hugs and have to say his are the BEST! He is so tender and empathetic with his siblings which is so wonderful to see - Both Griffon and Maggie go straight to him to get comfort when they are sad. He has taught us more about patience & persistence than any child could. But more than anything he, together with his brother and sister, have showed me that I have a capacity to love more than I could ever imagine.

And because of Elliot I have met some of the most wonderful and simply amazing families... Thank You Elliot for changing my world! I couldn't imagine it any differently.

And Thank You All for your love and support for our Elliot over these past few years... it means so very much to us! 

With much love, 
Mandy & my best friend & partner in it all, Eric

I have been friends with Mandy since pre-school, but it days like today when I feel  so proud and so blessed to be her friend.  So today, on World Down Syndrome Day, please help raise awareness, raise understanding, and, most importantly, LOVE!