Five for Friday... plus Spring Cleaning SALE!!

It's Five for Friday!!! I'm linking up with 5 fun things from my week...

If you're anything like me, you spent at least part of your Spring Break doing some spring cleaning!  Well.... why not spring clean your TpT wishlist too?  Everything in my store will be 20% off on Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks to Krista for the adorable graphic... and be sure to scroll to the end of this post to see who else is having a sale!  HOPPY Shopping!!

What do you do when you've collected 15 coffee cans?  Make Splat the Cat retelling stations, of course!!  I have this incredible group of 15 friends that love to meet and do "swaps".  This time our project was make a retelling station... so, you make 15 of the same activity and then you leave with 15 different retelling stations!  I'll post soon about how I made this Splat the cat retell with bonus rhyming activity on his tail.  I will show you the FUN ideas my friends created too!!

We tried this egg activity to finish up our magnet unit.  I saw this on someone's blog (please refresh my memory, if it was yours!!) and loved that it blended marble painting and magnet exploration.  I loved the variety too--some kiddos made eggs that were more "random" and other kiddos really rolled their marble magnets in a design.  Plus, it was the perfect project for our last day before break!!

We are on spring break this week... and lovin' every minute!  Everyone made their own Flat Kindergartner before we started our break.  I was so impressed with the detail they added to their flat selves!!  My kiddos will bring back their Flat Kindergartner and his/her journal next Friday so we can all hear about their incredible adventures over spring break.

Today I had the nicest lunch with Kim Adsit and Megan Merrell!  This amazing duo is just as smart and FUNNY in person as they are on their incredible blog, Kinder Gals.  Be sure to check out their store too!!  It's amazing how fast 3 hours can pass when when you're chatting away with sweet ladies like these. :o)

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It's World Down Syndrome Day... 3/21!

I'm dedicating this post to my buddy, Elliot!  

It's World Down Syndrome Day and we get to celebrate this amazing young man!!  He is the sweetest, cutest, little guy and I love him dearly... how could you not, with a smile like that!?  Elliot is my best friend Mandy's middle son, and he has kept all of us smiling and laughing since the day he was born.  He is such a blessing to us all!  

I want to share what Mandy wrote today on her Facebook page... 
Today is World Down Syndrome Day, 3.21!  Today we are celebrating Elliot and all the wonderful people we know that have been genetically enhanced with a 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome. Just over 3 and a half years ago we welcomed Elliot into our family and since then he has made us smile and at the very least chuckle every day :-) He has a BIG personality which seems only bigger since it comes in such a small, yet perfectly made package. He has a grand imagination, is extremely animated, and has wonderful comedic timing... I just know he is destined for big things!

Proud is an understatement of how I feel to be his mommy. I am so lucky and very blessed to get to experience parenthood a little bit differently than most. I get to celebrate those little triumphs more than others, I shed a few more tears at times, but I get so many hugs and have to say his are the BEST! He is so tender and empathetic with his siblings which is so wonderful to see - Both Griffon and Maggie go straight to him to get comfort when they are sad. He has taught us more about patience & persistence than any child could. But more than anything he, together with his brother and sister, have showed me that I have a capacity to love more than I could ever imagine.

And because of Elliot I have met some of the most wonderful and simply amazing families... Thank You Elliot for changing my world! I couldn't imagine it any differently.

And Thank You All for your love and support for our Elliot over these past few years... it means so very much to us! 

With much love, 
Mandy & my best friend & partner in it all, Eric

I have been friends with Mandy since pre-school, but it days like today when I feel  so proud and so blessed to be her friend.  So today, on World Down Syndrome Day, please help raise awareness, raise understanding, and, most importantly, LOVE!  

Five For Friday (March 8th)

It's time to link up with the fabulous Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!!

We celebrated books in so many TASTY ways this week!!  I'm sure you've figured them all out...but colored goldfish (One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish), schlopp (Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!), and eggs with ham--err, turkey bacon! (Green Eggs and Ham).  Sometimes reading is SO delicious!!

Don't worry... we tied lots of math and science in as well!  Before tasting something a little different (like adding coloring to something!), check if students like the "regular" variety.  This helps you to know who can be encouraged to try it.  We read Scrambled Eggs Super and graphed who likes scrambled eggs before even mentioning the green variety!

We REALLY ENJOYED having two snow days in a row!!  We built a snow fort, made banana muffins, snuggled with stories and hot chocolate, made a snow lady with her snow giraffe, and so much more!  LOVED every minute (and memory!)

We also read The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins and Bartholomew and the Oobleck.  I always make the cornstarch and water mixture for oobleck, but this year we tried something new--and I'm SO GLAD we did!!  We made Steve Spangler's GAK recipe.  Oh my word!!! It was a great science experiment and great fun too!  We made a batch of white and a batch of green and let everyone mix their "blobs" together.  If you haven't made this one yet... be sure to visit this link and try it!!  

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Let's Hear it for... SNOW Days, Clean Sweep, and Giveaways!

I don't know about you... but I love a good SNOW day!  This was the best snow we've had in a long time and it was so nice that my husband also had off work.  Just look what he built for our daughter--an incredible snow fort!!  
 And the best news in... I already know that we have off school tomorrow too! :o)

As you know, I'm participating in the Clutter Free Classroom project this year.  It's fun to "tweak" the things you're already doing in your classroom and get more organized!!  I'm catching up on a few project posts and here is the week 3 challenge:  make a clean sweep!  

When I think of an area in my classroom where I need to make a clean sweep--I immediately think of my "white shelf". This is where I am the worst offender at stacking papers and other odds and ends.
Here's how I made a clean sweep...

SO EXCITED at the difference from these few little changes.  I'm planning on adding labels or vinyl lettering (cut from my Cameo) to the 3 large drawers, but I'm still undecided at what I want it to say (essentially, it's the stuff that's "on tap" for lessons that day/week.  Check out the project--you can jump in at any time!! 

There are two giveaways I also want to mention.  The first one is from my real life buddy, Kelly Haynes.  She is celebrating 300 followers and you can win this adorable monster finger puppet set and CVC monster word packet from her store!    Click on the picture to enter!!

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Currently March and Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!

It's a new month... and time for a new currently!
I'm linking up with Farley for this fun linky--you should too!

Listening: I think this has been my theme for listening--I guess, it's what I enjoy most at night after a busy day. 

Loving: Yes, my daughter turns 4 in early April and wants a Halloween celebration for her birthday.  I mean, who can blame her??  Costumes, apple bobbing, and pin the heart on the skeleton--why should fall birthdays get all the fun?  

Thinking:  Our PTO plans this amazing basket raffle and BINGO night event--which will take place next Friday!  After school today most of the completed baskets were ready for preview... WOW!!  The best part is all the basket items were donated, so all the proceeds are profit for our PTO and benefit the school.  I was already eyeing the Crayola basket for my little lady!  

Wanting:  My never-ending story..... time, time, time!  (Did you sing it too?)

Needing:  WOO HOO last class!  Now, to complete the presentation!!

Like, Love, Hate:  I'm Karen and I like kids (yes, I LOVE kids too... but there was only one love!).  I love Kindergarten (this is my 8th year in full-day k and I love every minute!).  And Karaoke... what can I say?  Some people just shouldn't sing, on stage, in front of an audience.... nuff said!  

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It's FINALLY Giveaway Time!!
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