Groundhog Fun!

Groundhog's Day is one of those quirky holidays that can be so much fun to celebrate... in fact, I definitely have "visit Punxsutawney, PA, on Groundhog's Day" on my bucket list!!  Couldn't you just see me cheering wildly with one of those groundhog snow hats!?  

Since I couldn't celebrate with Phil, I thought we would have to make our own groundhog hats.  I have been eyeing these adorable groundhogs in blogland and on Pinterest.... and decided they would make the perfect hats!!  SO Fun!
There are a lot of cute books out there about groundhogs, but a really fun one to read is "Groundhog Gets a Say" by Pamela Curtis Swallow.  It gives facts about groundhogs, but is told in a really fun way, by a groundhog who feels he should have more than one day of fame.  
Of course, we all had to take a turn crawling through the groundhog's burrow!  

We also loved exploring shadows with our flashlights. 
Have you seen this game yet?  My kiddos had a blast matching the shadows with the picture cards!
What fun activities did you try this year?


  1. I love the hats! How stinkin' cute are those? I wish I would have thought of them. I would have had my 2nd graders made them. I like your idea with having them find their shadows too. I want a Groundhog Day redo so I can do these activities. I guess there is always next year.

    Ms. Richards's Musings

  2. Love all of your activities. I had a bunch planned, but we were on several 2 hour delays last week, so I had to tame it down. We did a lot of predictions, read books, and completed an art project.
    Just found your fun blog!

  3. We made our annual groundhogs out of hearts as well. I love that they are made out of hearts and have a mini symmetry lesson. Ours used a white heart upside down for the teeth and a medium brown heart cut in half for the ears. I love the layered eyes on yours. I may gvie my kiddos an option for that next year - although I do love to see how the different kids draw eyes (round, slanted, eyelashes, color).

    1. You're right... it's always fun to see what interesting features they add!