Clutter Free Classroom 2013: Wk 7 Catch Up Week!

I was SO happy to see this posted on Clutter Free Classroom:

This week's challenge is to Get Caught Up!!  YEAH... how did she know!?  So, this week you'll see what I've been up to--and how I catch up too!!

Five for Friday (February 15th!)

I LOVE linking up with Doodle Bugs on Fridays... hope you do too!

1.  I made another game with my new Cameo!!   The kids had a blast playing this one... made with heart boxes and gems from the Dollar Tree.  Thanks for the idea, Kelly!

2.  Our cafeteria manager told me we are having a "milk mustache" picture contest at school.  I immediately thought of an idea I had pinned last February from Abby!  Only thing we did differently was each kiddo colored their mustache to match their favorite flavor--chocolate, strawberry, or regular!  This made the perfect Valentine for our families.

3.  On Valentine's Day, we also sorted conversation hearts by color and graphed the number of hearts for each color (thanks, Jennifer!).  We also graphed the number of letters--great challenge for my kiddos! (please tell me if this is yours!)

4.  It's always fun sharing our Valentine containers... and, of course, delivering valentines!

5.  We rounded out a fun week with our 100 days celebration.  Here's my assistant and I after a jam-packed day (yes, that's 100 buttons I glued onto my shirt!).  PS  Hop over to Blog Hoppin' to see how we spent our day!  

Groundhog Fun!

Groundhog's Day is one of those quirky holidays that can be so much fun to celebrate... in fact, I definitely have "visit Punxsutawney, PA, on Groundhog's Day" on my bucket list!!  Couldn't you just see me cheering wildly with one of those groundhog snow hats!?  

Since I couldn't celebrate with Phil, I thought we would have to make our own groundhog hats.  I have been eyeing these adorable groundhogs in blogland and on Pinterest.... and decided they would make the perfect hats!!  SO Fun!
There are a lot of cute books out there about groundhogs, but a really fun one to read is "Groundhog Gets a Say" by Pamela Curtis Swallow.  It gives facts about groundhogs, but is told in a really fun way, by a groundhog who feels he should have more than one day of fame.  
Of course, we all had to take a turn crawling through the groundhog's burrow!  

We also loved exploring shadows with our flashlights. 
Have you seen this game yet?  My kiddos had a blast matching the shadows with the picture cards!
What fun activities did you try this year?

Show Us What You Bought Linky!!

I'm linking up with my buddies at Blog Hoppin' to share my Super Sunday purchases--be sure to link up too! You never know... you may find something else to snag. I know I always do!!

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