Five For Friday and 100th Day GIVEAWAY!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday (a teeny bit late!)... 5 random things from this week!


After our Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on Monday, we enjoyed making these TLC Martins.  If you're not familiar with TLC Lessons, Kaye Espinosa has had a website for years--and just joined TpT.  This one was a past freebie lesson.  The pieces all start as squares or rectangles and the kiddos follow directions to cut the pieces and assemble their projects.  They always turn out so unique!!

We added speech bubbles to incorporate more writing and share Martin's dream.  This little one wrote, "All of us can get along.  We can go to the same school.  We can go to the same water fountain."

Our SHARE class was a great success this month.  We included a new game for our class participants.  You can find it here.  My daughter picked random number 3 to win a copy--J-Fed, please send me your email!    (Note to self:  next time I need to choose a different "random number generator" since she just happens to be 3!) 

Our class won Behavior BINGO on Friday--and the crowd went wild!!  They had voted on a kickball game:  Class VS Teachers... which may have to wait until spring!  LOL!

We really enjoyed our SNOW day on Thursday!  We built a mini snowman, made snow angels, and tried out the sled.  This was especially fun since we missed out on this last year--during our practically snow-less winter!!

Hop over to Blog Hoppin' to enter this incredible giveaway of 100th day products!  You can win tons of packets for your 100th day celebration, including my 100th Day Fun for EVERYONE packet--that will be uploaded to TpT this weekend.  :o)

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