Currently... January and my TOP 5!!

The lovely Farley has another edition to Currently!! 
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NOTE about Currently LOVING:   If anyone has any AMAZING finds from Lakeshore, please let me know--I get to spend a fabulous gift card thanks to my amazing class (and fantastic PTO classroom rep who organized it all!) and I'd love any suggestions you have!

And now.............. the moment you've all been waiting for...........
My TOP 5 (most viewed) Blog Posts for 2012:

Number 5:  VA Blogger Get Together!
This was the post where Kelly and I were recruiting VA, MD, and DC bloggers.  We did have a wonderful time chatting it up with other VA bloggers at Red Robin!! 
Clockwise from left:  Me, Cindy (Kindergarten Love), Kelly (From Kindergarten With Love), Heather (Beg, Borrow, and Teach), Andrea (One Teacher's Take), and Shai (Ms. Winston's Blog)

Funny enough--we saw almost everyone shopping at Jo Ann's afterwards--since we were all chatting about our LOVE of vinyl over lunch!  :o)

Number 4:  Agenda Calendar and Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!
Although I would LOVE to think this post was so popular because I updated my agenda calendars...  

but, I know it was because you love a giveaway!!

Number 3:  Celebrate 300 Giveaway!
See what I mean about loving giveaways!?  Well, I can't blame you-- when 18 fellow authors on Blog Hoppin' donated 18 teaching packets AND a TpT gift card!  I was OVERWHELMED by their generousity--and still am!!
This was on the day of the INCREDIBLE jackpot... and I had missed the sign up.  So, I wasn't part of the linky, but still wanted to give back to my fabulous followers!  I gave away my Kindergarten Round-Up as a freebie for the day. 

Number 1:  Data Notebooks and Leap Year SALE!
My number one, most popular post of 2012 was about my Data Notebooks (250 pages of data goodness)!

What a fun year!!!  But, my favorite post was definitely Kim Adsit's post about visiting my room... I was so "star struck"--she is truly as AMAZING as you think she is!!
If I ever have a bad day, you can guarantee I will re-read her sweet post!  THANKS Kim!  :o)


  1. Yay for a giftcard to Lakeshore!!! That's awesome!!! What a great way to start a new year. :-) I always spend a loooooong time looking through their catalog and online trying to decide what to's hard to decide since all their stuff is great!

    Debbie :-)
    K is for Kinderrific

    1. It's true!!! Their 2013 catalog just arrived and I'm LOVIN' pouring over it!

  2. Prioritize is a GREAT word. I need to do that, too! I'm jealous of your Lakeshore gift card. That's awesome!! I hope your family feels better soon.

    The 2nd Grade Surprise

    1. Thanks! I sometimes think teachers are the worst at prioritizing since we have 2 sets of "kids"--home and school!!

  3. I found you from Jan. Currently.

    I live alone, so I appreciate a quiet house after a busy day!! A humming refrigerator instead of TV can be a can a full house when you're feeling lonely. It's all about perspective, I guess!

    The Lakeshore gift card would be AWESOME! I posted that an iTunes one would be cool. I love class/group gifts - one year I got 1/2 of a Pottery Barn puppet theater & a gift card tree.

    I agree, Prioritize is a great OLW - I could use a little of that in 2013.

  4. Lakeshore has some fantastic interactive games you can project onto a Smartboard or ActivBoard, if you have one in your classroom. My kids love to play them in "teams" as a whole class, but they also ask to play them on the desktops in pairs as well!!

    Third Grade Bookworm

    1. I don't have any of their interactive games, but they look incredible!! I'll have to check them out!

  5. Wish I had been able to join you ladies for the VA lunch!! I'm in the DC metro if you all ever get together again!
    Whyte Water in Kindergarten

    1. Haha!! Lindsey, I was SO hoping that you joined us too!!! We will certainly be doing it again--just need to schedule one!