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That's How I Organize Thursday (a Linky Party)!!!

I had to laugh as I read through the comments on my Blogiversary Giveaway (WHAT!?  You haven't entered yet?  Click here to enter--ends in 2 more days!)    So many of us have gazillions of organization projects on our minds this summer. They could be school or home... or in my case, BOTH!!  

To keep myself focused and on the right track... I decided to throw my first LINKY PARTY!  I'm so excited to try this out, and have a special summer feature called:
Each Thursday this summer you'll have a chance to link up and show off your ORGANIZATION!  You are welcome to share how you organize something at school and/or at home--but please show us with a picture or two (you know teachers want a visual!)  This can be Pinterest inspired or your own idea... I hope this will help keep all of us on target to finishing those organization to-do's this summer.  Don't forget to link up below (please link directly to your organization post, not your blog.  THANKS!) 

This week, I decided to tackle 2 projects. 
Sterilite 3 Drawer Organizer
Sticker Organization for School:
One of my organizational dilemmas has been my stickers.  We all know they can get out of hand.  I had been using a few Sterilite drawers like this.  Unfortunately, they just tended to be a huge mess and I always missed using certain stickers ("Oh, so that's where the 100th day stickers went!").  So, I threw all my stickers into these tubs as I was packing up my room... and added it to my to-do list (and my temporary garage pile of "teacher work for the summer"... it's ok to admit that you have one too!)

First I separated the stickers into piles.  I started with months and added some general categories (like stars, smileys, alphabet, animals, etc). The piles took over my dining room table... but at least it was progress.  

Then I thought about other sticker storage ideas I had pinned this summer--and looked for inspiration!
A Cupcake for the Teacher
Miss Kindergarten
Be Simply Organized

I really liked all these ideas... but thought the last one might work best for me (and the space and supplies I had).  I had a bunch of those clear pockets from a teacher cleaning out last year (always good to be in the right place at the right time--namely, when someone is giving away freebies!)

I removed the string--since I couldn't picture myself winding and unwinding the string around the little circle every time I needed a sticker!  I just pulled off the string and added the adhesive circular Velcro in its place.

Next I simply put each pile of stickers into a clear envelope--which, luckily, fit nicely into this tub I already had at home.  I added labels and here's the finished product!!  I'm so excited with how it turned out... except now I see exactly where the gaps are in my sticker collection!  :o)  Guess I just need to attend a retired teacher convention to collect some more!!  What's your school organization idea?  Please share and link up!

Hair Ties and Clips Organization for Home:  
Well, there was one thing at home that's been bothering me too--my daughter's hair clips and hair ties always seem to be everywhere (and she's only 3! LOL!).  I just needed a better storage system... I guess anything is better than this trusty Ziploc bag!  LOL!

I started by finding this container in the craft section at Wal-Mart.  It was perfect!  Next I separated the hair ties into the compartments by color.

Then I did the same thing with the clips (rounding them up around the house as I went!).

Of course I needed to add a cute sign to the top (for my little red head!).  She loves her new hair clip box and has done a beautiful job of putting them away already.  Mission accomplished!  What's your home organization idea?  Please share and link up!

Have FUN and I hope you will link up your organization ideas!  Remember, it can be a new or old project, for school, home, or both.  Just link up to your actual post!  Can't wait to be INSPIRED by everyone's organization!!!!

Agenda calendars and Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!

If you've been waiting for me to update my Home/School Communication Agenda Calendars for 2012-2013... the wait is over!  I just posted 2 versions for this year (if you purchased them in the past--just go to "My Purchases" to snag the update!).  

 This version features primary lines for students to write an event from the day or announcement/reminder for families.  I use regular mailing labels (30 to a sheet) and the kids stick it on each day.  It has a large box for parent/teacher communication--which is great since it stays in the notebook for reference throughout the year.

The other version features primary lines for students plus the parent/teacher communication space.  It also has a circle which can be used to record daily behavior and a box for parent initials.

http://www.accelerated-degree.comIn other news... Imagine my surprise to see that I've been nominated for the Fascination Awards!  I did have to laugh a bit when I read that my 1st giveaway--for Lucky, Lucky 13 followers was the most fascinating thing I wrote this year... guess that's going to inspire me to keep up better with this blog this year!  :)  

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Anyway, if you are so inclined... I'd love for you to vote for me!  Voting begins June 25th at 1:01 AM (EST) through July 2nd at 11:59 PM (EST). THANKS so much!

In honor of over 200 followers and my blogiversary tomorrow... ANNOUNCING... 
1st prize: Since it's my one year blogiversary... you'll win EVERYTHING currently in my TpT store plus a copy of everything I add throughout this entire year!  
2nd prize: You'll win EVERYTHING in my TpT store (as of June 30th)!
3rd prize:  You'll win 3 items from my TpT store!  

I know my TpT is still growing... but hopefully you can be a part of it!  

School's Out for Summer!

It's so hard to believe that this school year is officially over... and by officially I mean that today was my students' last day and my paperwork is finished--I am not by ANY means finished packing up my room! (Where do you think I will be tomorrow??)

Today was Z Day--Zoom Out of School on our ABC Countdown. We even got to do some Zumba with our amazing school counselor (who is also a Zumba instructor)!  We celebrated summer birthdays, enjoyed re-watching our Kindergarten memories "movie", and tried to fit as much fun and memories into a half day as humanly possible... including a whip cream pie in the face!!

(LONG story, short... my kiddos set a goal for Class Dojo:  every day with 90% or higher class behavior equaled 1 minute of Mrs. Stamp in the dunk tank at our PTO end of year carnival. They worked so hard and earned the full 20 minutes!!  Unfortunately, one of my students got a very high fever and missed the big day (and all the BIG splashes!) so I told him if Mommy supplied the whip cream, he could make the pie.  Look on his face today--priceless... and completely worth it!)

I've already started scoping Pinterest and Blogland for new and interesting ideas to try PLUS making my Ultimate Summer To-Do lists--including being a better blogger (no excuses, but this was an extremely stressful school year).  So I have a lot to make up to you... luckily I have lots of ideas up my sleeve and I can't wait to share them!  I'm also working up a giveaway since I hit 200 followers and have a blog-iversary coming up next week.  STAY TUNED!!!!