New Year's Resolutions: Technology!

I'm linking up with Kathleen at Growing Kinders to share my New Year's Resolutions... technology style!  

Number 1:  Blogging! 
The top technology resolution on my list is blogging! I've learned so much-- and "met" so many amazing people through the blogging world, and I hope 2013 holds even more opportunities to expand and improve my blog--and online collaboration!  (you may have noticed that I am only 1 away from 400 followers.... wouldn't a giveaway be an INCREDIBLE way to begin the New Year!? hint, hint)  I'm definitely making it a priority to be a more regular blogger!!

Number 2: Learn about and Use my new Cameo!
I'm SUPER EXCITED that I recently received a Silhouette Cameo from a Donors Choose grant!  I have only just started testing it out and another resolution is to find out all the wonderful ways it will enhance my students' learning!!!
Number 3: Organize my iPod!
I began adding my school music files to my iPod 2 summers ago, and pretty much finished up last year--except for the new stuff!  :o)  My 3rd resolution is to finish organizing all the songs into themes/folders. It's been a big job--but it has made such a difference in my ability to find songs quickly... especially if you're like me and LOVE using  Jack Hartmann, Heidi Songs, Dr. Jean, Shari Sloane, etc, etc in the classroom!  

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