New Year's Resolutions: Fitness!

Yes, I know that I am doing the dreaded double post in one day--hope you can forgive me, since I already resolved to be a better blogger and I wanted to complete all 5 days of this linky!!  :o)  
I'm linking up with Deedee at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for the final day of resolutions!!

I had to laugh when I read Deedee's post, since I feel like getting fit is always one of my goals too. But, I have a lot of inspiration since we want to expand our family. 

 I mean, wouldn't you want another blessing like this!?  

My resolutions are to:

(I did have to laugh when I typed exercise into Microsoft clipart and this image appeared!!  Hopefully, it will be more fun than this!!)

Don't forget to link up!  Happy New Year!!

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