Teacher Week (the delayed edition!): Must-Haves Monday

Yes, I know I am 2 weeks late... but I really just wanted to give you another chance to see all the AMAZING posts from Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week!!  (I know you see right through me, but it was worth a try, right!?)

My top 3 must haves for this year are:
1.  iPod... loaded with songs for school!!  Gotta love Jack Hartmann, Steven Fite, Heidi Songs, Shari Sloane, Dr. Jean, etc, etc.
2.  Scotch laminator (for at home)... LOVE the nice, thick laminate!
3.  Planbook.com... I'm super excited to have found this site this summer.  I love how you can color code your plans, quickly look for state standards, "bump" a lesson to the next day, etc.  

If you missed linking up the first time around... there's no time like the present!!  (I promise I won't tell that you were late to the party too!)

SO EXCITED for our first day of school tomorrow!  I have a fabulous group of 24 kiddos and the most amazing assistant a girl could ask for... happy 1st day to everyone starting after Labor Day like us!!  

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