BLAST from the past!

OK, it is now time for a BLAST from the past!!  Well actually, from the recent past----
Yes, I am talking about New Year's 2012.  Although it's been a whole month since the excitement of starting a new year... I still wanted to share a fun idea or two that we did to celebrate.  
Hope you don't mind the delay... and will simply store it away until next year!!  :o)

We had so much fun wearing our CONFETTI hats!
Simply take strips of construction paper (various colors) and the kiddos write goals for the new year.  After they finish writing a bunch, staple them to a sentence strip to make a hat.  The goal strips go every which way when the kids move... just like real confetti!
Here are some examples from my kiddos: 
+ In 2012, I will play games.  + In 2012, I will read every day and every night.  +In 2012, I will learn to tie my shoes.  + In 2012, I'll be respectful.  + In 2012, I'll be nice.  
+ In 2012, I will help my family.  + In 2012, I will be responsible.  + In 2012, I will listen.  + In 2012, I will get better at patterns.  

Another activity we do on our 1st day back is New Year's Toast (with butter!).    I added this one as a FREEBIE on TpT... click the link below.  This is just another fun way to practice writing and goal setting--by writing on a slice of toast with butter.
Some examples from my kiddos:
+Write a lot!  +I will listen to my teacher.

Click below to grab this FREEBIE on TpT!


  1. This is so cute! I just discovered your blog and am in love with it! I think I might stalk it all day long! =)

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