My poor, little, neglected blog!

YIKES!  When I look at how long I have neglected this blog, I truly cringe... and I guess that I just have to say that "life happened" and it  (my sweet blog) got away from me.    

I hope you are saying, "yes, yes, that happens to me to!" and have already forgiven me!?  Pretty please with sugar on top?  And an extra cherry!!  

Now that that is settled, let's move on to life in kindergarten.  What happier place is there???  None!  We just celebrated our 50th day of school on Friday--time certainly flies when you're having fun!!  So check back tomorrow for some goodies from our celebration of 50 FABULOUS days!  

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  1. I was just apologizing on my blog for neglecting it! So, yes, yes, life has happened to me too! Don't sweat it!
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