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FABULOUS 50th Day of School!

Friday was our FABULOUS 50th day of school... and we celebrated in 1950's style!  Of course, we dressed up in our best 50's gear and danced whenever we had a chance.  

 Some of the kids' favorites were:
  • making ice cream floats and sequencing the directions (made with vanilla ice cream and choice of root beer or orange soda)
  • making cotton ball poodles (with 50 cotton balls each!)
  • making our own records (Cut a black 10" square TLC style and either a lt. blue or pink 5" square for the label.  Then we draw concentric circles with a white crayon. Add a photo of the 1950's dressed class on the label... "Our Greatest Hits!").  I love this for our "guys" and "gals" photos!  
  • tasting hamburger sliders
  • doing a past and present sort
  • counting to 50 by 1's and tracing the numbers and tallying too
  • counting to 50 by 5's (and slapping hands with a partner as we count)
  • counting to 50 by 10's (and slapping both hands with a partner as we count)
  • And, of course, chewing bubble gum!
I added a few of these things as FREEBIES on TpT... click here for flyer to send home, tracing to 50, ice cream float sequencing, and a past and present sort.  Hope you can use them (either this year or save for next!)  :o)

OH--this summer I found the most wonderful site (while blog hopping, of course I forget which blog was talking about it... sorry!) for getting parent volunteers or parent donations.  It's called Volunteer Spot and I LOVE it!  In fact, I got all the materials for our 50th day in about 2 days (that's the cotton balls, sliders, ice cream, soda, cups, straws, gum, etc!!!).  My class parents think it's the best also--and even our PTO is using it now.  Check it out!  (and no, I am not getting paid for this endorsement... I just really like it! LOL!!)   

My poor, little, neglected blog!

YIKES!  When I look at how long I have neglected this blog, I truly cringe... and I guess that I just have to say that "life happened" and it  (my sweet blog) got away from me.    

I hope you are saying, "yes, yes, that happens to me to!" and have already forgiven me!?  Pretty please with sugar on top?  And an extra cherry!!  

Now that that is settled, let's move on to life in kindergarten.  What happier place is there???  None!  We just celebrated our 50th day of school on Friday--time certainly flies when you're having fun!!  So check back tomorrow for some goodies from our celebration of 50 FABULOUS days!