My Teaching Wouldn't Be the Same Without... : Linky! Lil' Country Kindergarten

Lil' Country Kindergarten is having a Linky Party...
"My teaching wouldn't be the same without..."  
Here are my TOP 3 classroom essentials:

1.  MUSIC!  
We definitely SING our way through the day!  What could be more fun than that!?  Some of my favorites are: 
Shari Sloane
and, of course, little "teacher made-up ditties!!"
Last summer I loaded all my CDs on an iPod... I LOVED it!  It was so much easier to access my music throughout the day--rather than finding and switching CDs (this was especially helpful to my assistants when I was out).  This summer, I'm working on better organizing my playlists, so songs are even easier to find!  

Promethean. Lighting the flame of learning.I felt SO LUCKY to win a "lottery" at my school for one of 2 Promethean boards two years ago (since then, all the classrooms now have them installed).  I integrate the Promethean throughout the day and it is truly an essential part of my routine now--I SO miss it when the school network is down!!!  

3.  BOOKS!
If you were to take one step in my classroom... the first thing you would notice is that I LOVE BOOKS!!  I also love organization, so all my books have labels that match the tub labels.  This really helps my kiddos put books back where they belong (as well as find books they're looking for).  
My library tubs are color coded:
green tubs= Science
blue tubs= Math
red tubs=Social Studies
yellow tubs= Authors
white tubs= sight word readers / beginning readers
(Of course, I can't find any good pictures--so you'll have to look past the kiddos to get a glimpse!  LOL!)


  1. Thanks so much for participating! I love Jack Hartmann! We met him at Conference on the Young Years last year and loved singing and dancing with him for two hours during his session. He's got so much energy and he and his wife are funny!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  2. Marlana,
    I know!! I met him at the I Teach K conference 2 years ago-- I was actually called up on stage to dance/sing with him (along with lots of other excited teachers)! SUCH FUN!!!!!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten