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First Grade Frame of Mind
First Grade Frame of Mind is hosting a Linky Party about welcoming your new students with a letter or note.  

I have done postcards and letters in the past... but the last few years I have sent my students a letter. It is copied on cute kid paper, front and back.  I mail it out as soon as we get our class lists (about one week before the orientation--when they mail out student letters).  So, they should receive 2 letters from school on the same day:  1 to find out their teacher/room number and 1 note from their teacher!  

I have found including another copy of the supply list really helps families send in supplies at orientation (instead of the 1st day of school--so I have a chance to organize it and put everything away!!).  I also put a few wish list items as well.  :o)  

Here's the note I sent last year:  

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  1. Thanks for joining my linky party! Your letter is excellent and precise! Love it! Thanks!
    First Grade Frame of Mind