EAGLE Notebooks... our Home/School Communication binders!!

I just started thinking about putting together our EAGLE notebooks... mainly because I start picking up the components during summer sales!  With my kindergartners, I use a 1 inch white binder (with the clear pocket cover).  

I add a zipper pocket, for any notes or money from home.  We call it our "Bird's Nest" to go along with the whole eagle theme.  

Right in the front I put our ABC's of Kindergarten (this is ours from last year).  This gives parents an overview of the ins and outs of our class... and really helps answer most questions they have at the beginning of the year (and it's in there all year for easy reference!!) 
SIDE NOTE:  If anyone can figure out what I'm doing wrong to embed Google docs...
I'd kiss their feet
REALLY appreciate it!!!

The next section is where we keep our calendar agenda pages.  I made 3 different versions--actually based on what my teammates preferred.  I use this one.  

 I developed these agenda pages to keep both parents and students up-to-date with class happenings and announcements. 

The lines can be used for students to record a highlight from the day's lessons, classroom announcement, homework, or whatever you wish! With younger students, I have had success with attaching a mailing label in this area.

The Parent/Teacher Communications box is perfect for jotting notes back and forth.  The best part is they are all kept in the notebook for easy reference! 

The circle is used to record daily behavior.  This can help establish quality student behavior discussions between students and their parents!   Our school uses Baldrige Quality Students, so we write a Q for quality student behavior (or the first letter of the behavior they needed to practice—Listening, Respect, Working hard, etc).   In the past, I have also used smiley faces that the students draw in the circle (purple excited face, green smiley face, yellow straight face, or red frown face).

Parents initial the box each night to show they have seen it.  This allows the teacher to know if parents are aware of classroom announcements and upcoming events, as well as any behavioral challenges the student may be experiencing.  

Here are the 2 formats I made for my teammates (with primary lines and plain lines).  

We also keep our Nightly Reading RAH chart in here too!  See here and here for blogs about what I use now (RAH!  RAH!  Read at Home!) and what I have used in the past (Reading Clocks)

I hole punch the purple folders our school uses (school-wide).  They are plastic folders with a pocket for return to school and keep at home.  I don't like the way it's labeled inside, so I made these folder hand labels for Left and Right recognition too!  So fun!!  

Do you use home/school communication binders too?   What do you include??


  1. So helpful and informative! I am making the switch from folders to binders this school year and I am so excited. I use the left/right thing too! Thanks for sharing! :)