Classroom Library...organize it with labels: FICTION!!

If you were to take one step into my classroom, you will notice that I am in LOVE with children's books!!!  I like to spread my classroom library out throughout the room... so the kids truly know the importance of reading--everywhere you look, there are books!  I use different colored tubs for the different subject areas of my classroom library:
yellow tubs= Authors and book series
green tubs= Science
blue tubs= Math
red tubs=Social Studies
white tubs= sight word readers / beginning readers

 On each book tub in my room, I attach a large label that has an author photo and a book cover by that author. You can even attach a duplicate label to the shelf, so students know exactly where to return the book tub!  

Every book in my collection has a book label added to it before placing it into the book tub.  By having a matching visual (the author’s picture), students can independently return books to the correct book tub.  This really helps keep my Classroom Library clean and organized!!  If a book is found anywhere in the room--the kids know where to return it!  What a time-saver!


  1. I wish I were better organized with my books- I love your labels!!

  2. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for!!! I bought them all, so excited to fix up my library!