Calendar VS Promethean

I just saw about Oceans of First Grade Fun's Calendar VS Promethean link up... TOO BAD, I missed it!  :o(  But, I figured it's a fun topic to talk about!

We love using our Promethean for calendar!!  This year I went completely on Promethean, without a wall calendar.  I didn't even miss it!  It's easy to update and I felt I was more consistent with the computer version.

Some people commented about the lack of a "reference" calendar during the day.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE our Google toolbar.  It's a sidebar on the right side of the screen.  I added a Weather Bug gadget (our school is a weather bug site, so it's actually the weather right outside our window!), analog clock, and calendar (that also has a digital clock and the "short" date--like Mon.7/4).  That stays to the right of your Promethean screen even when using ActivInspire... so it's easy to reference it!!

I am looking into adding a calendar journal / folder / notebook for next year. I've been debating it for such a long time now.  What have you tried!!??

Have a fabulous 4th!!
Karen :o)


  1. Thanks for linking up! I think I've decided to go Calendar on the Promethean board!

  2. I did my calendar on Active Inspire last year and wasn't consistent. I was going to give up but you have inspired me to try again! Thanks for your great post! Kim at SaylorsLog