Summer Project: Mission Organization!!

It's been one week since my students became 1st graders... and I have just completed (writing!) my summer project list:  Mission Organization!!  It seems like every summer I have grand aspirations at all that will be accomplished during our "time off", but then I never truly do.  NOT THIS SUMMER!  I have made a vow to myself that all those "to do's" will get "done!" 

Here's just some of the project list... and I'll post some pictures, etc as they get accomplished:
  • organize my teacher files into binders by topic
  • organize Mailbox magazines--either in magazine boxes or cut apart into above binders (yet TBD!)
  • organize my teacher music on my iPod... everything's on there, but I want to create play lists so the songs are easier to find
  • refresh my Discovery Backpacks and update as necessary
  • organize interactive books and song big books (for Jack Hartmann, Dr. Jean, Heidi Songs, etc)... and create more!
  • Classroom website updates and improvements
  • Blog updates and improvements
  • Add some stuff to my Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) account... it's slim pickins right now
Well, I'm tired just thinking about it!!  But, I have already checked off 3 things in my first week (and that was after working at school Monday and a class on Thursday)... so I think it's doable--and the benefits will truly be worth it!
Have a fabulous weekend,
Karen :o)


  1. Karen welcome to the blogging world! Although I'm not the best I've found its a great place to share and easier to access than my website. I need to update mine too. I keep my blog just to teachers too instead of for my families so I can vent when I need to. Don't forget to take a breather this summer with your to do list! Have you discovered Pinterest? It's a great online pin board to help you remember all the good things you find on the web!

  2. Lindsey,
    I'm really enjoying reading everyone's blogs and posting too. I can see this getting really addicting--it already is!! I have seen about Pinterest on some other people's blogs... I'm going to have to look into it--SO NEAT!
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten