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RAH! RAH! Read At Home!!

 I'm so excited that I finally finished updating my RAH! RAH! Read At Home! charts. This was one of the best additions to my Nightly Reading homework... mainly because it's so easy for kids (and their parents) to complete.  Parents never seem to complete those old reading logs, so I had to do something a bit simpler.  On a RAH chart they simply color one bar for each 20 minutes of reading.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!! 

I LOVE using them... and they store perfectly in our EAGLE Notebooks. We keep our Nightly Reading books (from Reading A-Z) in these poly envelopes--they have a 3 hole punch for the binder and Velcro closure (gotta love Velcro!).  We add these labels (printed six to a sheet).

Our school is a Baldrige in Education school, so you've got to have that data component... and this makes it easy to see where the student is currently and his/her monthly reading goal.  To add some extra incentive, I made a class goal chart also.  This chart tracks the class' data--as a whole.  Students keep this in their EAGLE Notebook as well (clear sleeves work great for this!).  Each month, total the number of students in the class who met their goal.  Color that column to note the class' progress.  The far right bar shows the total number of students.  We use “rainbow” order (September=red, October=orange, November=yellow, December=green, January=blue, February=purple, March=pink, April=teal (one of our school colors), May=silver, June and GOAL=gold!)
If you think you might want to take a peak... check it out in my TpT store.  

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Nightly Reading Homework--Reading Clocks

Here's one of the ways I have had students keep track of their nightly reading... Reading Clocks!  It's very easy for kids (and their parents) to complete and eliminates the ordinary reading log.  Students simply color the clock (in 5 minute increments) to equal their minutes read.  It's also a great way for them to practice telling time and counting by 5's!! 
I just added this to my TpT store... which as you have already read is one of my summer projects!!  Tomorrow I will show you what I use now, a RAH chart! 

Have fun!
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Summer Project: Mission Organization!!

It's been one week since my students became 1st graders... and I have just completed (writing!) my summer project list:  Mission Organization!!  It seems like every summer I have grand aspirations at all that will be accomplished during our "time off", but then I never truly do.  NOT THIS SUMMER!  I have made a vow to myself that all those "to do's" will get "done!" 

Here's just some of the project list... and I'll post some pictures, etc as they get accomplished:
  • organize my teacher files into binders by topic
  • organize Mailbox magazines--either in magazine boxes or cut apart into above binders (yet TBD!)
  • organize my teacher music on my iPod... everything's on there, but I want to create play lists so the songs are easier to find
  • refresh my Discovery Backpacks and update as necessary
  • organize interactive books and song big books (for Jack Hartmann, Dr. Jean, Heidi Songs, etc)... and create more!
  • Classroom website updates and improvements
  • Blog updates and improvements
  • Add some stuff to my Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) account... it's slim pickins right now
Well, I'm tired just thinking about it!!  But, I have already checked off 3 things in my first week (and that was after working at school Monday and a class on Thursday)... so I think it's doable--and the benefits will truly be worth it!
Have a fabulous weekend,
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My 1st Blog entry!!

Well, I have finally jumped on the "band wagon" of blogging... after reading and enjoying the blogs of so many wonderful teachers out there!!  I just finished setting up this basic page and hope to make lots of improvements and additions as summer rolls along.  Hope you'll "follow" me and join on this new adventure!!
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